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Rely Supply, LLC is 100% owned by Ronald Dumas, who serves as President and CEO.  The Company is a limited liability company (LLC), and is registered as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) with the Ohio Department of Transportation, as well as with the cities of Cincinnati and Cleveland, OH as a minority business enterprise (MBE). In addition to Ohio, the firm is registered and authorized as a DBE in dozens of other states.


Mr. Dumas started RelySupply after a successful career in criminal justice, where he served as Chief Constable and in other leadership capacities with the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.  He has been actively involved in mentoring youth both in his roles inside and outside the Juvenile Court.


In 1997, Ron founded Reaching Out For Kids, which uses golf as the platform to teach at-risk youth the life-lessons that are so much more important than any sport, and help to direct the young lives of those that need guidance the most. Each year Ron offers disadvantaged children golf lessons, golf clubs, bags, balls, shoes, and food. It is a completely volunteer organization (501(c)(3) status) and is 100% free (even the clubs, bags and other equipment that they keep for their own).


It also offers a college-bound future for the kids, most of whom are low-income and minorities.  Ron has personally assisted over 200 at-risk program participants to obtain college scholarships. Amazingly, of those hundreds of college students, all but one has earned their degrees and graduated.  Ron also initiated and continues to oversee a junior golf program in Runaway Bay, Jamaica for local disadvantaged youth. In both programs he teaches his protégés to transfer values to everyday life:  goal-setting, honesty, respect, discipline, confidence, positive attitude and consequence-based decisions. 

Ron also helped conceive the L.A. Jordon High School Hall of Fame and it's scholarship program to benefit students in Watts and Compton. He remains a key adviser and has been an active supporter and contributor to the program from it's inception.


Dedicated to giving back to his community and helping the disadvantaged, Ron's vision for his RelySupply business is to "do well" to increase his ability to "do good".


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